Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cat activity at my house!

Having been the owner of dogs most of my life, my pet these past 8 plus years has been a wonderful long-haired, buff colored cat.  He was a stray, and I believe God sent him to my door just when we needed each other the most!

Christine took this beautiful photo when she was visiting.  Sandy was extremely fond of climbing up next to us as we wrapped in a warm quilt!
I do believe he snoozes 90% of the time!  The kitchen window seat in the warm morning sun is one of his FAVORITE spots for some shut eye!
 Hmmmmm.... something very interesting out there!
 My, I think I better stay here and watch this a while longer (Sandy's thoughts).
 Is this the cat version of wide screen TV - or a five star movie? (My thoughts).
Enough "TV" for the day - I think I'll hide under Mom's chair with the quilt laid across it.  She meant it to keep me from getting my hair all over the chair, but she really made me the perfect 'tent' for hiding.  (Sandy's thoughts again!)
UH oh!!!!  She found me!

Oh, for the life of a cat!



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