Sunday, December 18, 2016

Indiana Christmas at Home

It has been MONTHS since I have blogged, and I am duly ashamed of myself.  I am not even sure why!  Anyway, I resolved to go through the house and take pictures of the Christmas decorations and show you some things here.

It is such a beautiful and special time of the year.  Lights twinkle everywhere, and people seem just to be happier for some reason.  The hustle and bustle....packages .... children all excited .... stunning music .... the word that comes to mind is 'twinkling.' Everything seems to twinkle.  Houses smell like cookies in the oven.  Outside is the aroma of woodsmoke.  

This morning, it was so COLD and the radio reports were warning people not to go out because it was snowing lightly over a sheet of ice that had formed last night.  Scary.  I stayed in, much to my disappointment.  When I trudged down to the mailbox yesterday, it was so treacherously slippery that I ended up taking baby steps wherever I could find some crunchy snow. I was reminded of Tim Conway and his hilarious skits with Mrs. Wiggins!!!!  That pretty much clinched it in my mind not to go out today, especially with warnings over the media not to venture outside.

 This darling tin house, lighted inside with a fragrant candle was a gift from a former next-door neighbor.  We have both since moved, but thankfully, we keep in touch.

Precious little live poinsettia was also a gift from a dear friend at church.  It seems to add just the right bright touch to the arrangement in the front hallway.

 I tried to catch the snow falling this morning that looked exactly like thousands of miniature diamonds falling from the sky.  Sparkling.  This photo only looks like specks, but believe me, it was magical.  I tried again with the photo below, but the snow flakes still only looks like white fuzz in the picture!

 Knitting daughter made all kinds of ornaments 40+ years ago.  I cherish these.  She was just learning how to knit!!!  This, in the event you don't recognize it, is a star.
 And Beekeeper daughter made dozens of shrink art (remember that?) ornaments that go proudly on the tree every year these 40+ years.  Love them.
 Of course, Brownie, who has been in the family for generations, is well loved and makes his appearance every Christmas.  This year he stands guard beside the mantle clock.
 Absolutely wouldn't be a truly trimmed tree without the elementary school ornament with the glitter and photograph!
 More shrink art creations.
 This is Wally's second Christmas, and he is very good about not 're-trimming' the tree.  He just makes cuddly beds under the tree and dreams out the window at all the critters and fluttering birds.
Another knitted bell creation.

Wally is good about leaving the tree alone (other than making a bed under it) but he has a love of strings, ribbons, pieces of fabric, and even has a favorite 'toy' that is basically a large piece of felt scrap.  So, rather than take a chance that he would try to eat ribbon and get himself in an intestinal emergency situation, I have been keeping all the wrapped presents on the dining room table and cabinet tops.

A gorgeous hand crafted ornament from a real artist friend.  I love it.

A fresh bright arrangements for the library glass door.

I will close with the newest watercolor.  I liked the colors so I bought a cheap frame at Michael's and hung it in the kitchen.
I resolve to blog AT LEAST once a week and to keep in touch, take more photographs, and share with you the love of home and family.  It isn't a Christmassy picture, but it is bright and happy.... good things!

Merry Christmas and love to each of you,