Friday, July 22, 2016

English Garden - in Indiana

Year Two in the Garden

This is the second summer for the backyard garden.  It is beginning to fill in and fill out!  Several new plants have been added, as well as a little stone pathway to make it easier to walk through, pick flowers, and weed.  Always the weeds!!!!!  

It is far from ideal, but I thought you might like to see pictures of the garden and the beehive as they are this year.  Presently it is terribly hot and humid, so spending time tending the plants is not a pleasant task.  I've been staying inside more than is good for garden growth, but I am hoping the heat spell will break, and I can get back out there and do some pruning and weeding and possibly some moving and transplanting of things that may do better in another spot.

The above photo is a Passion Flower, an unusual vine I have always liked.  I was able to locate one at the local nursery here and planted it along a little iron fence on the side of the house.

I also splurged this year and purchased two of the David Austin Heirloom roses.  Graham Thomas and Abraham Darby were the two I selected - extremely fragrant with very abundant full blossoms.  Here is a little bouquet from the first picking of these roses.  So far, they are doing well.

Blackberries are getting ripe - plump, juicy, tasty!

I will close with Wally sitting on the windowsill, one of his favorite viewing spots!!!!

Stay cool.  Enjoy the summer.  Blessings!